Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes & Colors or Numbers & Alphabets

Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes & Colors or Numbers & Alphabets

Give your child a safe, comfortable place to play and learn at the same time.

The ProSource Kids Floor Play Mat is an easy-to-assemble puzzle mat that provides a protective floor for any hard surface.

Filled with letters and numbers, you can help educate your child as they play with the pop-out pieces; or they can simply sit or crawl on the mat as they play with other toys.

The non-skid, lightweight design is ideal for bedrooms, daycares, preschool, and other play areas.

Kids Floor Play Mat


Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes & Colors or Numbers & Alphabets is an easy-to-assemble puzzle mat that creates a safe place for your kids to play. Each tile contains a letter or number and is designed with bright colors to enhance your child’s learning. 24 border pieces allow you to achieve a finished look, or create a smaller floor to customize your space. The lightweight design is perfect for transforming any hard floor into a comfortable area for children to crawl, sit, and play.

Safe, Non-Slip Play Surface with More Coverage

Gently textured material makes your child’s play surface safer, helping to reduce slipping and sliding. High density foam is 3/8-inch thick and soft to the touch for a cushion and comfort. The foam is also highly durable yet lightweight. Our mats are free of toxic phthalates to help protect kid’s health and well-being.

Unlike many smaller kids floor puzzle mats, this play mat covers a large 6’x6’ area for exceptional coverage in any room in your house or child care facility. You can also modify the mat to whatever particular size you need.

Easy to Clean


EVA foam is water-resistant, making this mat easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe off any water or spills, or for spots and stains, you can clean with water and mild detergent. The dense material also helps to reduce noise – great for busy play areas and clanking, dropping toys! The interlocking pieces make assembly easy, and just as quick to pull apart when you need to move it, and it is compact for storage.

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