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Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow

Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow is super Soft ECO-Friendly 100% Natural Organic Cotton that was naturally finished, designed to support the baby head & prevent flat head syndrome. And your little baby can sleep on both sides! It will become his or her favorite to sleep with. And will be in love with this pillow.

So, This lovely pillow can be used in many ways like during diaper changes, in his bassinet, or on his play mat, breastfeeding…

Seller recommendations

We Recommend Hand Wash (Cool or warm at 30 degrees or lower) / for the machine wash, please do not use hot water.

For any reason, and if you are not satisfied,  please let the seller knows why, hi will fix it and give you a full refund (100% Satisfaction Guarantee).

In addition, this Organic baby pillow is global certified (Seed-Soil-Weed Control-Pest Control-Harvesting-Spinning-knitting and weaving- Sewing – Trading) by an International certification Control Union.

Helps with flathead and breathable

I Love this little pillow, it fits baby’s head perfectly and I have already noticed a difference in the flat spot she was getting on the back of her head.

After that, with just a month of use. The pillow itself is soft with a cute design. I use the pillow anytime she is back laying in her swing, rocker, crib, and floor.

I did put my mouth up against it hard and I still could breathe easily.

Great pillow for helping with flat spots! 

By MegsLacey on Dec 24, 2018 

This pillow is great!

After 2 months of use, the difference in my LO’s head is incredible! He had always slept really well since he was born, and I believe it is this pillow that has helped for sleeping during the leaps (Wonder Weeks). I got this pillow when he was about 4 months old and he’s nearly 6 months now.

in conclusion, this is a Great pillow, he has scooted himself off the pillow a few times and because the bottom or back of the pillow has that open-air structure and slight “stickiness” to it the pillow didn’t move. *I have recommended this pillow to many moms and will continue recommending it because it’s great.

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