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Everything you need to know about your newborn baby

Are You Prepared For Your First Baby?

If you are looking for tips and tricks on what to expect, welcome to the right place with all the answers!

Are You Prepared For Your First Baby?

If you are looking for tips and tricks on what to expect, welcome to the right place with all the answers!

The arrival of a newborn can come with a mixture of emotions, responsibility, clothes, bottles, cradles, joy mixed with fear … the list is long! Parents for the first time can even start to panic and say, “Who are we talking to?”

There are of course friends and family, but most often, parents go to the bookstore and collect as many books as possible!

This course will lay the groundwork you will need to prepare for this great day!

First time parent's course

From this 1h50min course, you will get all the information you need to become a first-time parent by reducing the time needed to study and search!

This online course provides you with information on the essentials you may need, how to understand the crying game, how long it takes to bond with your baby, and even tips on fashion!

All you need to know about a newborn is in this course.

First time mothers - guide

As this is your first baby, you should not trust motherly instincts. You should also research and study the essentials to take care of your baby.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide...

  • Bonding Time With My First Baby
  • Communicating With My First Baby
  • Fashion Tips For My First Baby
  • How To Change My First Baby’s Diaper
  • My First Baby Essentials
  • My First Baby Feeding Guide
  • My First Baby-Learning The Basics
  • My First Baby-Understanding The Crying Game
  • Nutritious Bites For My First Baby
  • The Joys And Angst Of Holding My First Baby

First time parent's course​

After all, your baby will depend on YOU 

For comfort and survival.

Lesson 1: Bonding Time with My First Baby

Most parents hit it off with their little ones right away. The tremendous need to bond with a newborn is normally triggered by an intense emotion that makes a parent particularly the mother want love and protect her young offspring.

Easy / 22min

Lesson 2: Communicating with My First Baby

As a first-time parent, you probably wonder when your baby’s cooing will develop into his or her first words. Other queries about communication will almost certainly arise as well. You need to be patient, though, since babies normally articulate their first words at 11 months and onwards.

easy / 24min

Lesson 3: Fashion Tips For My First Baby

Shopping for baby clothing these days is a daunting task, not necessarily for a lack of options but because of the astonishing array of selections. But whether you have a preference for designer baby outfits or hand-me-down baby clothes, there are a number of things you need to take into account when making those essential choices.

Learn these baby fashion tips by heart and save a few bucks from steering clear of expensive and unnecessary articles of baby clothing.

Easy / 14min

Lesson 4: How to change My First Baby's Diaper?

Changing diapers is perhaps the most dreaded baby care activity of all. In reality, however, diapering has become so much easier throughout the years.

standard / 22min

Lesson 5: My First Baby Essentials?

Having a baby for the first time invokes a lot of emotions. You feel happy yet fear at the same time because you still do not know what to do. You feel excited yet you also feel anxious because you are delving into the unknown. These are just some of the emotions a mother can feel when she has her “my first baby moments.

Standard / 28min

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