Baby bathing: Benefits of bathing for babies

baby bathing: Although most mothers consider baby bathing a routine issue., they don’t exceed the first goal of bathing, which is to rid the body of dirt and sweat. But many scientific studies have proven the importance of bathing for children in terms of health. in this article we will mention these benefits.

Benefits of baby bathing

  • Stimulating blood circulation, and warming the baby after bathing, especially during winter.
  • Increase the efficiency of the immune system in fighting the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu. Rejuvenating the body and feeling comfortable both physically and psychologically.
  • Maintain skin health and freshness: Water can regenerate skin cells. And revitalize it by stimulating blood circulation in the skin layers. Or with a refreshing odor, along with some thoughtful medical additives.
  • Reduce the risk of foot fungus infection, especially during periods of high temperatures. In conjunction with long-term wear, such as school hours.
  • Eliminate the germs that are stuck on his clothes and body, after returning from school or nursery. And the mother is afraid to move home or multiply, which causes many health problems for her child later.
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the body, improve blood flow throughout. Maintaining clean hair, eliminating the chances of hair lice, as a result of the accumulation of dirt in the scalp. And the survival of impurities and various plankton in the hair.
  • Promoting brain health, the child is more able to concentrate on his lessons, or the mother may notice her child’s desire to play and have fun after bathing, all due to the role of bathing, in supporting the nervous system.

Bathing method for babies

Some mothers are afraid to have a bath for their babies, especially newborns, due to the mother’s inability to control the baby’s body, the fear of water falling into the respiratory tract or ear, As well as showing it through screaming or excessive movement unwilling to take a shower possibly, feeling unsafe in the water to get rid of the mother’s fear.

She can follow some important steps for a safe and fast bathroom:

  • Make the room temperature appropriate, so that the child does not feel cold and chills while bathing. And choose the morning, to be the date of bathing.
  • Preparation of complete toiletries, such as a plastic tub, towel or towel, and a special soft towel for the child. In addition to using the appropriate bathing liquid, and the preparation of new clothes for him. And a diaper Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water for about ten centimeters.
  • Stripping the child from the foot, and then put him in the pelvis, with the need to put the arms of the mother behind the child’s back. And one hand behind his head, with the position of his head back, So that the water and soap do not reach his face and eyes.
  • Spray water on his body while bathing, to avoid feeling cold. Start gently cleaning your body from the neck, making sure that this step doesn’t take much time.
  • Keep the head back, pour a little water on his head, a little shampoo, then rinse it off with water. And prevent the massage of the scalp of newborn babies, to thin their dandruff.
  • Wash his body with water, and take great care during this, so that the child does not escape from the mother’s hands. Wrap the entire body of the infant with a towel, after removing it from the pelvis, and dry it gently.
  • Dress the baby nappy, then fully clothed, then wrap it with a warm blanket.

Warnings during the baby shower

  • Do not put the child in the regular sink. and leave the tap open. the amount of water may increase without the mother’s attention. This is harmful to him, and the temperature of the water in the faucet may change suddenly.
  • The bathtub should be placed in a fixed place on the floor, rather than a sink, or on an elevated surface such as a table.
  • Never see the child for a moment.
  • Avoid wearing rings and accessories while showering.
  • Doing a baby bath is reasonable in terms of the number of times the excess bath, or excessive damage.

Excessive bathing damage to children

  • Damage to the brain and nervous system. because water contains a quantity of manganese that inhalation is almost always harmful to the health of the brain and nerves.
  • The immune system is weak.
  • Excessive exposure to water weakens the body, but showering at a reasonable pace supports the immune system.
  • Increased risk of various skin conditions, such as allergies and eczema, due to exposure to some chemicals found in shampoo or soap. so it is preferable to choose the finest soaps for bathing.
  • Dry hair, eliminate its vitality.
  • The possibility of some diseases, such as cancer, due to permanent exposure to chlorine daily.

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