9 Foods develop babies’ Concentration

As the new school year approaches, mothers often begin to complain about the poor concentration of their children. Worried about the impact of this on their assimilation of various subjects, especially science and mathematics. This can be due to the need for foods to develop babies’ Concentration. And help raise their rates of intelligence and contains some of the nutrients that scientific studies have proven to increase concentration and attention. So, Newborn BBS will tell you the most important of these foods through this article. And some effective tips to develop baby’s concentration and intelligence. 

Foods that develop babies’ Concentration

Give your children these foods to increase their level of intelligence and concentration. Which makes it easier for you and them a lot when doing their homework. Or while paying attention to explain the different subjects:

8 – Avocado:


Rich in vitamins B, C, folic acid and fats. Avocado is Useful for the mind of the child, so make sure to prepare it for your children from time to time.

7- Bananas:


Bananas are one of the most important sources of potassium, It is a very important ingredient for maintaining a healthy brain, nerves, and heart.

6- Dark chocolate:


Almost all children love chocolate, so give your child a piece of dark chocolate or a cup of cocoa, because they contain antioxidants, and many minerals important to improve mental functions, such as potassium and magnesium.

5- Olive oil:


 It improves memory functions and develops babies’ Concentration. So make sure to add it to food and salad dishes always.

Foods that develop babies’ Concentration

4- Broccoli:


It is rich in vitamin C, K, and choline, which makes it a food that stimulates memory, develops babies’ Concentration, and increases intelligence.

4- Turmeric


It is a spice that has long been used to improve memory and mind functioning. You will certainly not serve it to your children in its basic form, but be sure to add it to your food occasionally.

 3- Spinach:


In addition to its high iron content, spinach is also rich in folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin lutein – known as vitamin eye, a carotenoid found in green and yellow plants such as leafy vegetables, apricots, yellow peppers, etc.

All of which help increase intelligence and concentration. And stimulate the mind. If your children are not a traditional spinach lover, you can offer them in different ways, such as stuffing glass or pancakes with cheese, béchamel, spinach, cheese, and potato balls, or even fresh cuts on a green salad.

2- Eggs:


It is a food that also contains omega-3 acids, useful for the mind, and you can serve it boiled, fried or even through the other desserts.

1- Fish and seafood:


They are foods high in omega-3 acids; it is a very important element of the health of the mind and increase intelligence concentration and strengthens memory. So make sure to give your children fish twice a week. And make sure that they are served so they don’t get bored or refuse to eat it.

Foods that increase intelligence and concentration

Eating healthy and useful foods – as mentioned – increases the child’s intelligence and concentration, and the menu does not end, besides previous meals; focus on eating vegetables and fruits of all kinds every day, in addition to milk, cheese, and nuts.

How to upgrade a child’s intelligence?

Intelligence and concentration are inseparable, and although it is believed that an individual’s IQ cannot be increased, it is already improving. Whether by attention to healthy nutrition or by activities that help focus and increase intelligence.

As a mother, you have a big role in developing your child’s various skills. Here are some tips that can help you:

Read a bedtime story:

Even at a very young age, it will help him learn the language, facial expressions, acoustic cues, and the ability to imagine.

Scientific musical instrument:  

Music stimulates the mental abilities of the child because it stimulates the nerve endings of the brain, you can catch up with the opera house or a center of music education.

Train it on chess:

it is a fun mental training that increases concentration, stimulates the mind to analyze problems, and find solutions to them.

Use mental or educational games:

buy games based on puzzles, intelligence tests, cubes, or hand tools, if his brain remains active, his ability to absorb information, creation, and creativity will increase.

Help him to exercise his favorite sport:

to exercise various physical activities outdoors role in stimulating blood circulation, accelerate the transfer of oxygen to the body, which leads to increased intelligence and concentration, and enhance the brain’s ability to think properly.

Take care to get enough sleep:

The child should sleep well at night to improve the function of the mind. In the course of sleep, the brain regains the strength of parts that do not work well.

Let him communicate with others:

This comes with playing and mixing, and this develops his intelligence and teaches him how to adapt to others and deal with them.

Thank him and praise for his effort:

praise should be for effort, not just a satisfactory end result for you, which encourages them to perform difficult tasks. Tell him, “I love the way you did,” “I’m proud of your attempts,” even if the goal doesn’t hurt in the end. The more you trust in his abilities, the more he can do later, so that he is worthy of that trust.

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