5 Easy Ideas For Celebrating Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Celebrating Baby’s First Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Day with your new bundle of joy is an exciting (if not overwhelming) experience. It’s the first year You’re not worried only about the large meal or who is going to win the game. But how you are going to encapsulate your baby’s first key holiday. Here are 5 fun and easy ways to capture the festive atmosphere of their first turkey day (hint: you definitely need a camera).

1- Family Photo – Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Adding a new member to your yearly family photo makes this a Thanksgiving remember. Gather everyone around so each person can be viewed (you might need to take advantage of chairs or a bedroom storage bench to make levels). And place the baby front and center. Make an indicator denoting the date and occasion, place it in the shot and snap the picture.

It is also possible to make sure of any family members. Or friends in attendance get a solo shot with the baby. These priceless images are fantastic for when they get older and want to look back on how far they’ve come.

2- First Feast

Just because your baby is not old enough to consume solid foods doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the Thanksgiving meal. It’s the perfect time to grab his reactions as he is introduced into seasonal tastes he’s never had. Before the big day, puree favorites like pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, and more, then put them in various containers and label them. Bring them along to the festivities, and set aside time before or after eating to give your baby a taste of traditional holiday foods. Have someone picture or photograph the event so all your child’s super adorable and hilarious reactions are captured, and readily shared.

3- Creative Costumes – Baby’s First Thanksgiving

A darling way to indicate your child’s first Thanksgiving is by dressing up her for family and friends. The obvious, go-to choices for parents are a pilgrim (a black creeper adorned with a belt of white ribbon and top hat made of felt) or a turkey. Everybody will love oohing and awing over the infant, and it offers you a creative outlet. Just like everything else, make sure to take plenty of pictures to keep the memories.

4- Family Fun

Your baby’s first Thanksgiving functions as his initiation into your family’s beloved, long-held customs. Take pictures of your child during every activity because of his photo album or scrapbook.

5- Sleep It Off

If nothing else, your baby will enjoy joining the adults in the post-meal nap. From the end of the day, she’ll be so pooped out from being shown off and passed around; she will fall right into slumber. Grab your camera one final time and snap some quick photos of her sleeping. Put each image in a record and caption them with a goofy phrase like”first food coma”.

Your baby’s first Thanksgiving is an event within the event for the entire family. From totes to help carry your little one’s things to buffet caddies to keep silverware sorted at the feast, store Lakeside to make your holiday memorable.

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